Saturday, January 10, 2009


POTLUCK on Saturday, February 21st; 5pm-9pm
place tba (most likely sunset church on 43rd & Lawton)

MC- Lorriane
Game Masters- Jonathan/Matt Dong? (you weren't here, but do you want to do this?)
Music Worship- Tim/Ally
  • Welcome
  • Dinner/Raffle
  • Newspaper Fashion Show
  • Mr Chan Game/Song Game
  • Music Worship
  • Wrap up
It's a potluck, which means that everybody must bring food. Leaders-- make sure that, as a school, you have your area of food covered for the amount of people specified below:
  • Lincoln: Appetizers/Snacks for 70 people
  • Balboa: Fruits/Veggies for 70 people
  • Wallenberg: Drinks/Utensils/Plates/Cups/Napkins for 70 people
  • Washington: Main Entrees for 40 people
  • Lowell: Main Entrees for 40 people
  • Galileo: Dessert for 70 people
Just to finalize everything, we'll meet again on February 7th; 2pm. place tba

The scavenger hunt has been moved down to April 18th (game-a-thon cancelled.) Instead, we'll have some sort of lunch together on March 21st.

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StupidJ0N said...

hey ally, or lowell agape. let us know what you guys are bringing or planning to bring so that way we dont bring the same entrees.